About Me

Welcome to my cozy little corner of the internet.

Hi, folks! My name is Anna. I’m a young millennial trying to make my way in the world. I studied English Literature for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in college, so, obviously, I love talking about fiction. As you can probably tell from my blog categories, I like my fiction as unlike my current reality as possible — hence the “escapist” part of my title! I do read contemporary fiction from time to time, but it’s definitely not my go-to genre.

Some fun facts about me: I have a black cat named Gus. He loves naps and trying to steal my food. I’m left-handed. Ever since I was a little girl, my hero has been Anne Shirley of Green Gables, and yes, that’s why I started dyeing my hair red. My favorite tea is earl grey. I think Jane Austen’s best novel is Persuasion, and I’m willing to fight people on it.

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